Benefits of Membership

  • Training Grants

    POSA offers training grants for police officers with a minimum of twelve months of membership in POSA.

    Members are part of Police Officers of Scottsdale Association, an organization that will fight for their rights and safety.
  • Community

    With POSA Outreach you can participate in community based activities like Shred'Em, Shop With A Cop, KidCare ID, and Book'Em.
  • Legal Benefits

    POSA members are eligible to receive one hundred percent coverage for any duty-related event.

POSA and POSA Outreach have terminated our use of any telemarketing for donations. If you receive a call claiming to be from a police organization requesting donations for POSA/POSA Outreach/any of our former programs, this is a scam. Please do not give them any of your personal information and contact Scottsdale Police on their non-emergency line at (480) 312-5000.