Benefits of Membership

  • Training Grants

    POSA offers training grants for police officers with a minimum of twelve months of membership in POSA.

    Members are part of Police Officers of Scottsdale Association, an organization that will fight for their rights and safety.
  • Community

    With POSA Outreach you can participate in community based activities like Shred'Em, Shop With A Cop, KidCare ID, and Book'Em.
  • Legal Benefits

    POSA members are eligible to receive one hundred percent coverage for any duty-related event.
Scottsdale police deal with body-camera limits

Recently the Arizona Republic reported “A camera may not blink, but that doesn’t mean it will always capture an entire story. Fatal shootings by police in Ferguson, Mo., Baltimore, Tulsa, Okla. and Albuquerque have focused national attention on the use of force by law enforcement and raised questions about whether or not police agencies operate with transparency and accountability.Body-worn cameras for police officers have been presented as a solution to these issues because the technology offers up video of the scenes that officers encounter…” [ read article ]