The 907 Fund is designed to provide financial assistance to the families of fallen or seriously injured law enforcement employees in the valley.

We want to keep our police officers on the job, focused on protecting the community and fighting crime. Insurance does not always cover medical expenses for injury, especially if an officer is injured while off duty. Police officers can find themselves struggling with big medical bills and the difficulty of providing for their families while they are off the job, recuperating. To make matters worse, there are few programs which offer aid in a case not involving death.

How the 907 Fund was started?

The program was first created by POSA Outreach in order to help a Scottsdale police officer who was found to have a rare type of tumor where treatment was not covered by his insurance company. Finances from the fund () helped the officer get the experimental surgery he needed, saving his life. Since then, the 907 Fund program has grown in scope to include police officers, Scottsdale police employees, and their families dealing with family crisis, injury, or death. Financial assistance is also granted through the fund to fallen (or seriously injured) officers from other police departments in the Phoenix area.

What does “907” mean?

The term “907” refers to the radio code for “officer needs assistance.”

Where funds come from?

The 907 fund is supported by donations from individuals and businesses in the Scottsdale area. Community events also help raise money, including Blades for Badges Hockey Games.

What the 907 Fund covers?

The 907 Fund covers unmet need, giving police officers support so that they may recover more quickly and be back to serving our community. The fund also provides an additional benefit to the family of the officer in the tragic case of death.