POSA K-9 Mascot


The POSA K-9 Mascot Program has a two part Mission

To teach youth and adults how to make great decisions

To teach youth and adults how to respect law enforcement in their community

This mission is very important to the POSA K-9 Mascot Program and this is done through many partnerships our program has created throughout the community. To learn more about how our program can partner up with your organization in the future please contact us by going to our contact us page. We look forward to hearing from you.

About the POSA K-9 Mascot Program

The POSA K-9 Mascot Program was created in December of 2010 with the intention to help educate youth how to respect law enforcement and make great decisions. The POSA K-9 Mascot Program has a two-fold mission: the first part is to teach youth how to make great decisions, and the second part is to teach youth how to respect law enforcement within their community.

Our program since inception has participated with almost 100 plus community events and other larger events throughout the valley including: Waste Management Open, Barrett Jackson, Parkinson’s Walk, and many others.

We have made mascot appearances for many events, businesses & organizations some of which include:

  • Waste Management Open
  • The Thunderbirds
  • Barrett Jackson
  • Hope For Kids
  • Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce
  • Partner for a Drug Free America, Mall Walk at Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall
  • Kids Fest at Salt River Fields
  • Arizona GAIN Events in Scottsdale
  • CrackerJax
  • Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Arizona Rattlers
  • Spina Bifida Association of Arizona
  • Angels On Patrol
  • Arizona State University (ASU)
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Scottsdale
  • Several Golf Tournaments Throughout The Valley

This program would no be what it is today without the countless hours our volunteers put into this program. We are so proud to announce in the last 5 years our volunteers have donated over 1,500 volunteer hours to this program through volunteering at events, attending meetings to help build our program, and all of their help that they put into our golf tournaments to help raise funds to keep our program moving into a positive direction. A BIG Thank You goes out to each of our volunteers for all of the time they have donated to our program.


Taking a moment out of your day to say Thank You to those in the law enforcement community is something that will make their day. Most members of law enforcement enter their career path to serve those in the community they work in.




The POSA K-9 Mascot Program has created and dedicated this page to businesses who go above and beyond to support local law enforcement within their own community.




Since the inception of the POSA K-9 Mascot Program in 2010, POSA K-9 has had the opportunity to visit businesses all of the State of Arizona that support law enforcement through various events including: Grand Openings, Open Houses, Charity Events, and much more.




POSA K-9 is taking this opportunity to give back to the businesses who give so much to the local law enforcement. If you own a business or know of someone who owns a business that supports law enforcement we want to hear from you, so we can add your business to our special page promoting your business.




The POSA K-9 Mascot Program is not looking for anything in return, all POSA K-9 wants to do is to help support those businesses who support law enforcement.




At the inception of the POSA K-9 Mascot Program in 2010, POSA K-9 created unique trading cards to provide to youth at the many events POSA K-9 has attended all over Arizona.

Trading Cards is a great opportunity to build a bond between a young child and law enforcement. Many police departments throughout the United States use to give out trading cards and stickers to young kids that they come in contact with during their day at work.

With the current economy some of these priceless opportunities have been cut from police department budgets. With this said our POSA K-9 Mascot Program has been working with Police Departments in the valley to create this opportunity again for police departments by providing a certain amount of trading cards for specialty units.

Each trading card has a photo on the front of the specialty unit, or tools/vehicles used by the specialty unit. On the back of the trading card are unique safety education tips to keep kids, teens, adults, parents or seniors safe in the community related to that specialty unit.

If you work for a police department specialty unit and would like a custom trading card for your unit, please contact us as we would like to work with you to find an opportunity to make this happen for your specialty unit.

Safety Tip Link

Are you looking for an updated list of Safety Tips, please go to the City of Scottsdale Police Department website where they have created a great list for you. We have conveniently added it by clicking here.

Businesses Who Want To Partner With POSA K-9 Mascot Program

We are also looking for businesses that might want to partner with our POSA K-9 Mascot Program to create special trading cards to promote their business at the same time sharing a safety tip to a special audience at the same time. Please contact us and we would be more then happy to work with you on developing a custom trading card for your business in partnership with our POSA K-9 Mascot Program.


POSA K-9 is always looking for ways to partner up with the community. Most of our sponsorship opportunities are all custom, so please contact us by email, phone or by one of our social media outlets to meet to discuss a custom sponsorship package.

Our goal is providing great exposure to our sponsors, so if their are other opportunities that you can think of that are mentioned on the attached document please let us know so we can explore these opportunities in the future.

Thank you in advance for helping us promote our POSA K-9 Mascot program into the community, we do appreciate it.

For more information Contact Us

Our POSA K-9 Mascot Program is such a great opportunity to allow members of law enforcement to get involved in the community. Through donors like you we will be able to move our program to the next level. We are looking for the some of the below tools to allow us to so much more in the community, if you can help or connect us up with a business that can help us achieve these goals we would greatly appreciate it.

Mascot Trailer & Golf Cart:

  • Gas Powered Golf Cart – This golf cart would allow us to get more involved with bigger events
  • Enclosed Trailer – A trailer would allow us to park our golf cart in a secure location, while allowing us to transport more fun education tools to community events throughout the valley.
  • Trailer / Golf Cart Graphics/Wrap – Once we get our golf cart we would like to find a business who can help us to wrap our trailer and golf cart to thank the sponsors who made this possible as well as promote all of the other programs that POSA Outreach provides to the community.

Photography Equipment:

  • Camera SD Cards
  • Camera extended lens
  • Event background/backdrop with all of the POSA Outreach Programs proudly displayed on the backdrop to have at events to take photos with the kids, like on the red carpet


  • POSA K-9 Custom Trading Cards – Did you know that POSA K-9 has handed out well over 5,000 trading cards since the inception of the program. With this said we are now ready to help businesses promote safety tips to kids, parents, adults, seniors and any other market when we visit community events throughout the valley. There is room on each business card to promote a tip, and share the sponsors logo and website to help promote our sponsors. If you would like to get involved please contact us.
  • POSA K-9 has always wanted to join forces with his friends (other professional mascots) to create a fun Child Safety Activity Book promote safety tips mainly related to kids. If you would like to help out with this project please reach out to us.

Computer Software:

  • Adobe Photoshop

Custom Fit Clothing For Events:

  • Doctor outfit for future hospital visits – Thank You to ProMed Apparel for making this possible
  • Golf attire for all of the golf tournaments we are invited to attend
  • Tux for attending formal events
  • Jerseys to get more involved with sporting events
  • NASCAR driver outfit to help promote driver safety
  • Additional Cargo Shorts – Thank You to 5.11 Tactical for making this possible
  • Police Outer Vest – Thank you to 5.11 Tactical for making this possible
  • Military Outfit to wear for military events

Custom Props to Educate With:

  • Custom Made Baseball Hat
  • New Stylish Shoes
  • Military hat, Police hat, Cowboy hat
  • Golf bags with some fun golf club props

If you are able to donate one or more of these items please contact us through our contact us page, and we wanted to personally say thank you in advance for your help in moving our program to the next level.

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