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You can now buy custom POSA gear on-line through We have two sites, one is our “Team Shop” that is specifically geared towards all sports related logo’s. For those of you who are unfamiliar our POSA/POSA Outreach sports teams play under the team name “Enforcers” and as team colors we are using Royal Blue/Gold/Black to match the colors used on the SPD patch. You can reach the POSA Team Shop directly at the link below!

We also have a second site that is more directed to law enforcement logos. The “POSA Cop Shop” link is also below.

POSA Team Shop

Visit the POSA Team Apparel store POSA Cop Shop
Visit the POSA Apparel store
Take some time to wonder through the sites and check out all the ways that you can customize everything. We are able to upload custom logos as well as the stock logos the company provides. At this time we have loaded our POSA Badge as an option. We will try to continually up date the sites with new logos of all our programs. If you have any ideas for logos please let me know.

One great thing about this site is that POSA Outreach will receive 7% of all purchases made on our sites and if you start from our site but find your old high school, branch of service, college or former PD’s site and make a purchase, POSA Outreach will get a percentage of that purchase as well.

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Last updated: 11/04/2011