Kidcare ID Event

POSA Outreach offers the Kidcare ID Fingerprinting program, which is a photo and fingerprinting system.

It provides an opportunity for parents to have their kids fingerprinted, and after, to take home a printed card with digital photo and fingerprint images. This card can be extremely helpful in an emergency situation where a child is reported missing – having the photo ID card allows officers on the scene to quickly identify vital information which can then be disseminated to other agencies to get the word out.


So why is KIDCARE ID important?

Confronting the facts about child abduction, kidnapping and sexual assault of children can be unsettling, but gives parents a realistic understanding of the risks out there and the steps they can take to protect their kids. About 260,000 children are abducted every year in the United States of America. Of these child abductions, only about 115 result in very serious consequences, such as injury or death.


Child abduction statistics
  • 800,000 children are reported missing every year. That is about two children every day.
  • Of the children reported missing, 350,000 are family abductions. That is, they are taken away by family members in violation of custody agreements.
  • Non–family abductions amount to 204,000. These include kidnappers who are acquaintances or complete strangers to the victims.

Family child abductions

  • In 16% of family abductions, the child experiences severe mental harm.
  • 8% of the children experience physical harm.
  • 7% of the children are sexually abused.

Non-Family child abductions

  • More than 65% of the children abducted by non-family members are girls.
  • 46% of children are sexually abused.
  • 31% of the children are physically abused.


When a child is reported missing, having the photo ID card allows officers to rapidly identify vital information which can be used to initiate an intensive search. Having this information readily at hand greatly increases the chances of finding the child unharmed. Time is often critical to saving the child.

Who does the program serve?

Any parent in the valley can bring their child in to have their fingerprints taken, free of charge. There is no ink (finger prints are taken digitally) and the entire process takes only 5 minutes.


Who supports the program?

The Kidcare ID Fingerprinting program could not exist without the generous support of community and corporate donors. The program is also supported by POSA Outreach, Scottsdale police officers and employees who volunteer their time, as well as funding from the Sirens & Sleigh Bells and Covering the Bases back to school programs. the program is open to all ages, anyone with a disability or senior citizen who is at risk of wandering may also get an ID card.

What are the goals of the program?

Beyond protecting our children, one of the biggest goals is for children to meet the police officers and interact with them, creating trust. We hope to create awareness in the minds of parents about the reality of the risks of child abduction, as well as educating kids about how to stay safe. The more community involvement the program can generate, the safer children in our community will be.