We want you to be a member of POSA!

Membership in the Police Officers Association of Scottsdale is $25 a month, and is available to any full time sworn police officer or civilian police department employee, including sergeants and first line civilian supervisors within the Scottsdale Police Department.


The many benefits of POSA membership

  • POSA is a member of AZCOPS (Arizona Conference of Police and Sheriffs)
  • Training grants. After 12 months of membership, all members are eligible to receive up to $250.00 in training grants
  • Bereavement assistance
  • POSA’s 907 Fund (Officer Needs Assistance) for members in need of financial assistance
  • Community service. Members are part of an organization with a proven commitment to the community.
  • Legal benefits. Members receive legal benefits with 100% coverage for any duty-related event, including, but not limited to:
    • A member-involved shooting
    • In-custody death or life-threatening injury
    • Criminal charges or indictments arising out of the member’s official performance of duty
    • Involuntary termination/demotion
  • Advocacy. Members are part of an organization that will fight for their rights and safety, such as:
    • Ensuring city salary surveys include all relevant information to keep SPD pay and benefits competitive
    • Making the department communication systems an ongoing priority
    • Successful lobbying for, and procurement of, molded plastic back seats in patrol cars for increased officer safety
    • Arming Detention Transport Officers and providing them with body armor
    • Opposing and stopping the proposal that would have added an unpaid half hour to the work day of all Dispatchers
    • Legal representation on Worker?s Compensation cases
    • Medical Retirement legal assistance

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